Kjersti (04.30.08, 4:03 AM): If you can't bring yourself to pour milk out of it, what do you do with it? I have yet to see them in Hawaii. It does look like the milk would spill out. I feel left out, since I am not able to see one for myself. I know, send an empty container to me :-)

michael andrew (04.28.08, 6:43 PM): it creeps me out....for some reason I cant bring myself to pouring milk out of it.

george (04.28.08, 10:36 AM): i hate them. the spot protrudes only slightly above the body and milk spills all over the countertop. did i mention "I hate them"?

Pete (04.27.08, 1:31 PM): Weird.

Tracy (04.26.08, 10:47 PM): Mike, Costco has been using this design for about a year or so. The cartons fit much better in the door of the new refrigerators. The only tricky part is the first pour.