Maria (04.30.08, 2:54 PM): That is simply ridiculous! Thanks so much for the heads up. Appreciate it!

kjersti (04.26.08, 1:44 PM): oops I meant car not care :-)

Kjersti (04.26.08, 1:41 PM): Since I use to be an insurance adjuster, I have to say that getting the insurance through the rental company is the best deal ever if you are only renting the care for a few days. It is not worth it if the cost of the insurance is greater than your current deductible. It is far better to pay $12 a day for a few days and never have a claim through your own policy. We use to get rental car claims all the time. Also, make sure you get the extra signature for a 2nd driver or never allow anybody but you to drive the car. Your insurance company really won't cover the car unless they have that 2nd signature. I denied many of those claims. Thanks for the other information. Very good information.

Gary (04.26.08, 12:40 PM): Ahh Haaa. Trickery!!!!!! Good looking out Michael, because it is soo true what you said, that most people never check their bills and often get screwed and never even know about it. Thanks for the heads up.

kim (04.26.08, 12:09 AM): wow thanks for that info we'll be on the look out when we go in June. How can you charge for an early return???