michael andrew (04.24.08, 2:43 AM): thanks for the comments Kjerstie and Gary- I have a zillion cool pics I would love to post....but have to stick with the best. :)

Gary (04.23.08, 2:33 PM): Sorry I meant get the shot eventually.

Gary (04.23.08, 2:32 PM): Michael you were kinda close to that edge there buddy!! The photographer who persists will get the shot mentality, eh. Need to post those pics taken on the cliff.

Kjersti (04.23.08, 1:49 PM): Mike was being modest about his point and shoot camera skills :-) We were in Lahaina yesterday looking at postcards and billboards, and your photo quality is so much better than the ones the tourists have to choose from when making their purchases. There is an entire tourist market out there that needs you.