Gary (04.19.08, 9:54 PM): Oh we have got to add that effect to our photoshop class video!!! It is cool!!

Gary (04.19.08, 1:42 PM): Wow the moon, it looks like the sun, amazing. What about the effect on the pictures?

michael andrew (04.19.08, 1:31 PM): Hey Everyone- Frank, in the 4th and 5th pictures you are seeing the moon. Gary- those white specks you are seeing are not sensor dust, they are actually stars. :) We are having a great time.

jennifer (04.19.08, 1:23 PM): amazing photos. truely.....don't work so hard.. :)

Gary (04.19.08, 10:32 AM): Hey Michael I think I saw soom dust particles on the forth and fith pictures, it looks like time to clean the sensor!!!!

Frank D. (04.19.08, 10:11 AM): As always love your pictures! Gotta do a shoot together someday! You are a great mentor and alot of us look up to you and your guidance. I would love to be able to take the kind of shot and get the results that you do, You have the total "WOW" factor in photography. Was that the moon or the sun in your last set of photos? Thanks again! Frank D.

Gary (04.19.08, 8:20 AM): Again, WOW oh WOW. It's like everywhere you turn there is a beautiful shot!!!! What is the effect on some of the pictures though, some look like they have some sort of painting in them. Very Interesting.