Karen (04.21.08, 8:23 AM): Absolutely amazing! You truly brought the feel of the moment into these pictures.

Frank D. (04.19.08, 1:37 AM): Wow! Awesome pictures!!! Glad you guys are having such a great time! I am sold on the idea of being able to shoot with you some day! I really hope you consider doing this! Amnazing pictures, totally amazing. Can't wait to see what you have tomorrow. Thanks for keeping us updated Michael! Frank D.

Elizabeth (04.18.08, 3:07 PM): Wow...these are just beautiful, Michael. Have fun with my cuz!

Enrique (04.18.08, 2:32 PM): Hey mike, the pictures are great. I bet you are having a great time over there, you know... taking pictures and enjoying everything there specially with your background in biology. you've got to be having fun.

jennifer (04.18.08, 1:10 PM): WOW- so incredibly gorgeous!!!! what fabulous photos. i can't imagine what it must have felt like to see such a thing of beauty- then capture it on film.... amazing!!!

Alexandra (04.18.08, 11:10 AM): Pure Beauty!

Heather Odom (04.18.08, 10:50 AM): Absoultely Incredible!! Breathtaking!

Gary (04.18.08, 9:34 AM): OMG Michael! Wow! That is some of the best sunrise shots I have ever seen!!!! Brilliant!

kelly (04.18.08, 7:06 AM): They sure are beautiful photos.