Diane Siracusa (01.23.14, 1:52 PM): Unless the 'wiser' person's interests or wealth of knowledge connects to me, there would be no reason to even ask a question. Sometimes watching and listening is of far greater value than a question. However, if the 'wiser' person's interests interested me, I would ask the person how to do something I did not know how to do.

Bella (01.21.14, 11:01 PM): An added note - I feel that the amazing, inspirational books available are designed to spark our inner voice. Having great, wise people that we turn to help us tune in to find the "inner" answer that our soul is seeking for its higher development, are guide posts. We dont (I don't) want to live by another's design; rather, the full glory of my own unique masterpiece!

Bella (01.21.14, 10:24 PM): However, isn't it subjective? Is one who is smarter than you defined as more life expererience than you, prior experience with the matter at hand, smarter in areas of physics, biz, spirituality, or matters of the heart? I feel that certain people can offer guidance, help, or inspiration; yet ultimately the wisest of em' all is the divinity of our inner wisdom/voice. We live by unique, divine order - each on different paths, different life purposes inherant with different gifts.