Thomas (01.14.14, 6:15 AM): The solution of force simply deals with the symptom of an even greater problem. While I completely comprehend the rationalizations behind this type of intervention, it's a byproduct of something I call backwards thinking. The "conflicts" themselves are symptoms of this phenomenon. Someone else I know calls it outside in thinking and I hear it all the time in the language people use. While this other person says it's a byproduct of the industrial age mindset I say it goes back even further in history. Things like hate and even certain elements of fear can be directly attributed to childhood conditioning. When we are born, we are perfect. Love, peace, and joy are internal states that are natural to who we are. Anything that falls outside of that state is simply an aberration created by those around us during our formative years. I'm not saying that our caretakers are being malicious in our upbringing, they just don't comprehend how the mind works.

Cory (01.14.14, 12:53 AM): David: You're making the tragic mistake that so many have made and listening to the politicians who twist reality for their own gain. Sadly, it's working for them. There's a very weird and twisted element out there that wants to hack your head off with a dull knife. Don't ask me to make sense of it since I cannot nor can you, but that doesn't make it any less real. The goal is to help those who really seek peace in the Middle East to create and sustain a government that will allow such a condition. Our men and women have/are doing just that even though being undermined by those at home (especially now, but it did start a few weeks after 9/11). How some "leaders" can put their own selfish interests above all else is beyond my comprehension, but try to not fall for it. Our men and women in uniform understand the real mission. At least respect what they're doing to, ultimately, try to prevent these people from their ultimate goal of bringing their irrational hatred and violence to the United States.

David (01.12.14, 4:56 PM): You are twisting my words, being emotional and rude. This is not a healthy ground for discussion.

Michael Andrew (01.12.14, 4:21 PM): You have a deep disrespect for the price of freedom. Enemies of the United States, like the Taliban or Al Qaeda, would kill every American man, woman and child if given the opportunity simply because we are not of their faith. If you cannot wrap your mind around that idea, it would be a waste of time to have any discussion about morals with you. If you are an American, you should leave the United States.

David (01.12.14, 4:56 AM): I haven’t seen a movie who glorifies despicable behavior. Maybe I have and didn’t notice. Can you name me one? I have seen many movies about criminals. In the end the criminal always lost or is some cases turned the other way. I wonder, have you seen the movie? I agree in the trailer it appears that they glorify a criminal. But in the actual movie, they show from the beginning what a mean and heartless person the main character is. In the end, he loses his wife, his child, his friends and ends up in jail. There is no glorification at all. It is based on a true story, a sad one, which should be a warning for people. I understand your view, I feel the same with war movies. I don’t agree with war at all. And movies tend to show only one side, which fuels hate towards the other party. They don’t show that the enemy, has feelings, a family, too. And also they don’t show that they probably don’t want to fight there. Most of them have no option. War movies are mostly, like news: propaganda. That is my opinion. Of course there are some good war movies as well, like the one where they showed both parties in two separate movies (USA vs Japan). I forgot the name.. The movie “Lone Survivor” was entertaining and suspense. But way over the top, totally unrealistic, even though it’s based on a true story. The real story involves arrogance and ignorance sending four soldiers to a camp full of terrorists. But no word about that in the movie.. Isn’t that a kind of glorification? It’s all about open to discussion. I love discussions, because I learn a lot and also often I change my mind. So all I say is my perception, which is neither right or wrong, it’s just how I feel.

Michael Andrew (01.12.14, 12:27 AM): Ive changed my view recently about movies that glorify criminals. Take Pain and Gain for example, based on a true story of a band of thieves who decide to kidnap and murder innocent people. Why should anyone profit from these crimes? I lost respect for the Rock and Mark Whalberg when they starred in this movie, and I refused to see it after reading the background. We live in a society now that gives way too much attention to the wrong kind of people, and when movies are made about them, they are immortalized in a sense. I would much rather watch movies about strong core values like honor, courage, sacrifice, valor..etc these things matter.

David (01.11.14, 9:48 PM): It's interesting to hear people various opinions of movies. People have different perceptions, which is exciting! I want to share mine about "The Wolf of Wall Street". For me the movie, was not in favor for obscene behavior and despicable morals. Quite the opposite! It showed how sick those people are and where it leads to.. I hope people who have those kind of life style, or those aiming for it, are reminded, that this a way of destruction of others and oneself. Great movie, great message!