jennifer (04.17.08, 3:06 PM): it's sucky- but all you can do is laugh.!!!... I have to admit when I saw the sea of foam I did giggle :) have a super time you won't :)

Scott (04.16.08, 5:30 PM): Best reason to have a blog: Things that might otherwise tick you off, when shared, gain an amusement factor. Thanks for sharing that! Let's hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly. (I'll wait patiently until everyone gets the pun. Ark.)

Kathy (04.15.08, 9:57 PM): Better to have a bag of clothes with shaving cream in Maui than an empty bag and clean clothes at home! :) Looking forward to seeing your pictures from there!

Heather Odom (04.15.08, 9:51 PM): That stinks! That is the exact reason I put everything like that (shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, etc.) in large gallon size bags when traveling. Just a tip that may help out next time. Have a great time!!!

Peter Bradberry (04.15.08, 6:42 PM): That's funny and that sucks all at the same time. I think if that happened to me I would get mad, and then suddenly die laughing. Good Luck cleaning it up.

Frank Donaldson (04.15.08, 5:16 PM): Things that make you go hmmmmmm! Bummer! Great picture though! :) Would look cool shooting this in Macro or using the shallow depth of field ha..ha.., enjoy the weather! It's rainy here in good ol'e Oregon. Have fun with the shoot! Look forward to seeing more awesome pictures!!!

Gary (04.15.08, 5:13 PM): Mike any damages?

Elizabeth (04.15.08, 3:48 PM): lol, that is just too funny and sad at the same time. Hope at least it smells good...good luck washing everything out.

Tracy (04.15.08, 2:58 PM): Mike, That stinks! I had a similar experience with mouse one year. It took a couple of washes to get it all out!