michael andrew (04.14.08, 1:07 AM): lol- thats a lot of reading. I dont think Ive missed a day now for well over a year and a half I think...thank you for your kind comments Gary, I appreciate it.

Gary (04.11.08, 11:42 PM): Great!! Cannot wait! I am really considering the shift to photograpy, but life throws things at you all the time and you can't always catch them. I have just finished reading all your web blogs from since you started last year, and all I can say is wow. So multifaceted yet true to self and do what you love and love what you do. Inspiration is your gift! Keep flowing!

michael andrew (04.11.08, 10:07 PM): Hi Gary- Yes a photoshop video is in the works, I am actually scripting it out now. I believe it will be one of the greatest photoshop tutorials ever (I am being as humble as possible). Ive got some great software that records everything when I work so you can clearly see what I am doing. I hope to have it ready in May or June and it will teach all versions of photoshop, including elements. :)

Gary (04.11.08, 9:59 PM): I would love to use them, as they really make the shots look vibrant and rich. Only if I had photoshop!!!!!!! I have stayed away from this for a while for two reasons, true skill I think is derived from pure composition and lighting, and the second reason I guess is that it seems tedious. Are you releasing a how to video on CS3 photoshop soon, because I know I will have to get with the program soon.