Johnson Sobere (11.16.13, 1:22 PM): Thank You for your time and effort, I appreciate you take time to go to Philippine and help our fellow brothers and sisters desperately need help, I be following your report. THANK YOU and be safe Johnson

Rory (11.15.13, 9:53 AM): Michael, I cannot begin to express to you in words just how much reading your post has meant to me in these moments. Have been feeling completely overwhelmed with the stresses and demands of my own life, primarily an ongoing commitment to helping a family member that has been ill and just now found out is terminally ill. I know that all you have written is true...and that the greatest blessing of being of service is really to ourselves, but I had lost perspective into depression. Reading your post has been such a great reminder to remember every day, the elegant blessings of simply having clean water, enough to eat, a roof over my head, and the strength and faculties to be able to even help anyone else. I did not know of your beautiful generous spirit until reading this, but I am not surprised. Bless your dear heart and I know that you will be guided lovingly to where you can do the most we all are when we take the time to listen to that still small voice within. Safe journey my friend.

Patricia Forester (11.13.13, 8:51 PM): Dear Michael, Pop just put a check for $1000 in the envelop to mail tomorrow. Where are you now? Is this the website we will check on you.. Be safe and we love you and the work you do.

RomLan (11.12.13, 10:59 PM): Michael, I love your website and visit it everyday. I admire your work and professionalism..., now I'm inspired by your kind heart and spirit. God Bless You!. Best Regards.

C (11.12.13, 12:45 PM): Michael you are truly an amazing man. You really live an authentic life, one you have fabricated wholly on your own with your two hands. It's a blessing to see you expand horizons and it is an inspiration for your friends and loved ones to be in the wake of such tremendous force. You are more alive and aware than anyone I've ever known. Truly everyone has their place and purpose in this world we share. For the ones that get to interlock with your piece we are dazzled by the brilliancy you project onto this canvas of life. God bless you and keep you safe. Much love M. I will pray everyday for your safe return as will all the rest of your "pieces". To know you is a gift..many people soon will cross your path and agree. Xxoo Love Always C