Ryan (10.01.13, 11:27 PM): Looks like a good book free as a kindle download only until tomorrow. Didnt know if you had an isnterest.

Beverly (10.01.13, 11:43 AM): Awesome..Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service. God Bless & thanks for this opportunity to read in your words about what you do best...Protect our country....

angela (10.01.13, 10:12 AM): what a tribute to one of AMERICA'S best. may GOD be with you and your family.

rudy tuiolosega (10.01.13, 1:27 AM): First of all love your hat God bless be safe . Im from Am Samoa been in the military 2/11 ACR teach martial arts law enforcement / military / different Groups around the world.The hat got my attention have great day bud.ROLL TIDE ........be safe Muamau le Atua.