ACN (11.16.13, 9:32 AM): Hi Michael, In the test of autofocusing in the dark, the 70D have a function called Flash assist, maybe it will help in autofocusing more quicly

Gyde (09.10.13, 10:17 PM): Loved to see that i purchased a great camera. I was hoping to find a crash course for the Canon 70D on your web page, but cannot find it... Do you have one planned? Smiles, Gyde

TimR (09.10.13, 9:09 PM): Watching with great interest but feel your moving toward and away in bright sun you should have used cross type focusing points on both. Not surprised the Canon held focus better.

J. C. de Oliveira (09.08.13, 4:45 PM): Outstanding job! BTW, great intro! :) Keep up the great work!

Michael Braden (09.08.13, 1:37 PM): Outstanding information in your video Michael! Thanks so much!!!

C (09.08.13, 12:25 PM): Absolutely awesome to watch! Not only informative on a professional specific level but I really appreciate how well Michael breaks it all down into easy to comprehend pieces. Thank you for making these videos so accessible and easy to watch!