Elizabeth (04.04.08, 2:49 PM): I LOVE the second to last picture, that is SO fun!!! And Kim, I LOVE the jewelry you are wearing, very nice!!! What a beautiful ring too!!!

michael andrew (04.01.08, 10:58 PM): I was wondering what had happened to you Heather! I hope you enjoy the next entry! M

Heather Odom (04.01.08, 10:27 PM): Hey Michael! I didn't drop off the end of the earth...just out of town for 8 days and then came home with a nasty stomach bug. YUCK! Anyway....I've got a question for you. How do you get such great focus on up tight ring shots? The pic here is a perfect example. Mine always are out of focus and it's frustrating to say the least.

Eric (04.01.08, 6:00 PM): Definately good pics, and alot of fun. Thanks Michael...we'll see you on the big day!

michael andrew (04.01.08, 2:37 PM): You are very welcome Kim! I had a great time and you have so many wonderful pictures to go through. Talk with you soon! :)

Kim (04.01.08, 6:02 AM): Thank you, Michael! I like the greens in the background. It looks so fresh. I love the one with the bouquet and the cherry blossom in the background. They all turned out beautifully. Thank you.