Patrick (08.12.13, 11:24 AM): I haven't seen it yet but would like to. Will take your advice and wait for DVD release. From what you've said, its probably meant to be a futuristic parable about where greed, wealth and corporatism could lead. Bet ya no one associated with the making of this flick is remotely on the poverty line! The trailer looked awesome!

Thomas (08.11.13, 10:45 AM): I've only known one wealthy individual on a personal level, and he was not only selfish, but controlling, manipulative, etc etc. Ironically what drove his behavior was a fear of being poor again. Having said that I wouldn't use my experience with him as a one size fits all to describe other wealthy individuals I don't know, and could only speculate on. Politics as it's presently administered is a broken system, specifically when it comes to majority rules. I honestly think a fairer system needs to be invoked. Simply stated, the people who want certain services should pay for them and the ones who don't should not.

Ren (08.10.13, 9:20 PM): Sandra Bullock has donated to multiple charities internationally

Dima (08.10.13, 12:44 PM): I see your point but movies always potray the bad guys as selfish and evil