Alexandra (03.24.08, 3:53 PM): I don't personally play the games, but we do have in my house a PS3, Xbox and a Wii...remember I have 2 boys. This particular game is on my oldest son's birthday wish list, (he'll be 16). I know he has been looking forward to playing this game so I will pass on your review.

Jason (03.24.08, 12:00 AM): Oh yeah, I totally forgot you've played BF2 at my house. I still get on every now and then with my brother. What a great way to stay in contact with family!

michael andrew (03.22.08, 10:06 PM): I havent, but I have a good friend by the name of Jason who plays it. lol- Did I mention that Call of Duty 4's online game play appears to be based on Battlefield 2 for the PC? Hmmm....might want to check it out.

Jason (03.22.08, 5:32 PM): Have you ever reviewed Battlefield 2 for the PC? It is a couple yeas old, but still has a great following. (And is only $9.99 at Target)