George (09.07.14, 8:38 PM): Will not trade my Glock23gen 4 takes everything i put into it,and is right on at any distance. The baby brother Glock 42 is now my everyday carry a very wise investment. Whatever you choose, don't let it collect dust. Practice and be safe.

Gary Robertson (05.27.14, 2:12 PM): Michael you are right on about the Glock being a good reliable semi-auto. It is my personal opinion that if you are a first time pistol owner a revolver is a better choice for the following reasons. No safety to contend with, no jams, little maintenance needed,, reasonable cost. ]Nothing wrong with autos but they do require more training.

Nick Kallis (06.10.13, 9:39 PM): I recently got certified as a NRA basic pistol instructor and am now teaching CHL (CCW) classes. I love the Glock 19 it is the perfect carry. Easily concealable, reliable, and easy to disassemble and clean. I am helping as many people as I can get their CHL license. When I talk to the police they tell the truth you can call 911 and wait to be brutally attacked and the police will be there 5-8 minutes later or you can protect yourself and your family now yourself. Nick

Cory (06.05.13, 8:05 PM): I can turn absolutely any discussion into one of firearms and can take any firearm discussion and turn it into whether or not I should upgrade my body. There's rumblings about a 6D/24-70 4.0 IS kit so I might hold off for that. Then, swap my 100 2.0 and 200 2.8 for an indoor sports workhorse of the 135 2.0 and a 100-400 for all things outdoors. To top it all off - a Canon 50 1.4. Does that make extreme sense?

Cory (06.04.13, 10:53 PM): Thanks Michael: My normal lens is a Sigma 17-50 which really is great. There's many FF choices, of course, with the 24-70 2.8 II likely being the best. I wonder if the new 4.0 version might be a good choice or even just a small prime like maybe even one of the new Canons with IS.

Michael Andrew (06.04.13, 10:37 PM): @Cory- Ill say this, if it had to be a revolver, a .357 would be my choice for the reasons you mention. I think you would appreciate the upgrade on the 6D. The ISO on it right now is pretty amazing, it would be great for indoor sports when you need to bump it up, the full frame will be better for landscapes. Do you have a 24-70?

Cory (06.04.13, 10:33 PM): Not a bad choice and #1 for many if not most, but I think my all-around favorite is a Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum with 2 1/4" barrel and I shoot .38 Specials out of it. In the name of full disclosure I have a Gen 4 Glock 23 as well. On a related note, I'm getting really good results with my T1i. Still tossing around replacing it with a 6D. I do it all, but most of my prized pics are of indoor volleyball, outdoor flowers and landscapes. Stick with what I have or 6D? I'd have to get a "normal" lens so maybe one of the 35mm primes? I have 3 of your DVD's by the way.

MIchael Andrew (06.04.13, 10:33 PM): And for the record, I think using a firearm in the defense of one's life is just about the most terrible choice a person could possibly be faced with. That said, I would rather have that choice to defend myself & family than to put faith in the perpetrator who would force me to make that decision in the first place. I have taken many, many firearms classes and am aware of the consequences. The right to bear arms is constitutional, & thats a pretty hard argument to beat.

Michael Andrew (06.04.13, 10:25 PM): @Thomas-I doubt any rational thinking person would read my post, your comments, and then come to that conclusion.

Thomas (06.04.13, 8:50 PM): have you lost your mind Michael ??? There are consequences to the use of deadly force, most, you are clueless to.

Michael Andrew (06.04.13, 6:26 PM): @Thomas- If someone does not wish to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, I respect that. Doesn't mean I would try to force them to think as I do. The Right to bear arms is constitutional. If you do not wish to exercise that right, it is your choice.

Thomas (06.04.13, 5:21 PM): yeah we better prepare for civil war in america, hmmm, chaos theory rules

Jay (06.04.13, 4:30 AM): Agree