Fred RAmoni (04.14.17, 11:56 AM): Would love to get my hands on one or two of these

Patrick Massengale (07.29.14, 12:09 AM): I would like to purchase one of your adapters. Please let me know if you still have any available and how to make the purchase. This is such a great concept. Way to go!!

Michael Andrew (03.07.14, 2:21 PM): There are a number of ways, 10 second timer is something all cameras can do, but the newer cameras have wifi triggering that will work up to 100 feet away.

Quinton Riggins (03.02.14, 7:39 PM): How are you tripping your shutter? My Nikon wireless remote has to be aimed at front of camera? Wired remote not long enough. Thanks

Dave Frye (06.24.13, 10:59 PM): Michael, do you have anymore available?

Alonso Rochin (06.11.13, 10:08 AM): What a wonderful idea of using a window cleaning pole. And the Maven adapter through a 3-D printer. I would like to order one of those. Thank you. Alonso

Joseph Garcia (06.01.13, 9:27 AM): I am interested in buying an adapter please send me the info on how to order. Thanx

Steve Morovek (05.30.13, 1:59 AM): I will wait till you make your changes. I would like one!!!!