ROBERTO GEHLEN OLIVEIRA (09.04.14, 1:51 PM): Using the CUBE 3D FREE device people can pay +10x lower prices for material on CubeX and CUBE 2 printers from Cubify ...

Sam Ferguson (12.10.13, 12:37 PM): Buyer beware of the CubeX. I bought a single-head version, and it is now the bane of my existence. Constantly fails while printing. Filament flow errors, temperature errors, random unexplained errors. This machine is a complete joke. Always be leery of a company that has a "no refunds" policy. That translates to a "we don't even trust this thing will work" policy. This machine was obviously rushed to market without being fully tested. It's too bad because if it worked, it would be a valuable tool. Stay away from this turd!

Ryan (11.05.13, 6:37 PM): I bought a CubeX duo in August and there have been some bumps along the road to getting it to work. I've had to level the build plate a few times and adjust the height of the second print head more than once. From someone who has taken it apart I find it's built exceptionally well. The cartridges are a pain but once you get it installed it will work right to the end. Cubify customer support has been great and they haven't hassled me about replacement parts. I like the way it makes a honeycomb structure on the inside. Saves on material and time. I've made some functional parts and it is very strong. I have ABS spit in thin spots half the time. I suspect the room temperature might be a factor but don't know for sure. I bought from cubify because i needed the size and they seemed to have built a more robust machine. 2 colours is kinda pointless unless it really necessary in your design. My parts will go through a post production process before its done and I will paint everything. But having 2 sets of print heads comes in handy if something acts up you can always switch over. I've had very little down time with this machine except for running out of material. It chugs along day and night without worry. I would like some more advance options in the CubeX software. I don't understand why it has to extrude supports at a different temperature than the part. It eats up time and wastes plastic when it does this. I would like an option to override that.

Shane (11.01.13, 5:24 AM): I was going to use a service like shapeways until I uploaded my models, $600 and $1500! For 8 inch figures. The same models will cost $20 and $60 in materials on the replicator 2x.

Jay Roberts (10.16.13, 1:13 PM): Don't buy CubeX. Looks good, but doesn't work well. It is not upgradeable! if you buy the single nozzel machine, you can't upgrade it to 2 or 3 nozzels. the supply of printer cartridges is horrible. takes several months to get one. and they are expensive compared to other ABS/PLA plastic. most of the prints fail miserably. my machine broke the print head the first day I had it.

John Fusi (09.13.13, 2:46 PM): There is one HUGE difference between the CubeX and all other 3D printers, Makerbot included...and incredibly, that huge difference is software related. Caveat emptor: The CubeX software (the only software that produces a file that the CubeX printer recognizes) is NOT designed to print SOLID parts. It prints thin shells (1mm or less) that define the outside of the part, and then builds a honeycomb-like structure between the walls as support. But guess what? If your part is only 2-3mm thick, you wind up with inner and outer 1mm walls, and little to no structure inside! Nowhere in the CubeX literature or promo material do they let you know this. I found out when I purchased a CubeX Trio (3 head), and tried to print parts. I was sure I was doing something wrong in the software, but contacting Cubify techs, they confirmed...the CubeX system is NOT DESIGNED TO PRINT SOLIDS. If you need solids, you MUST look elsewhere!!!

Bill Dempsey (05.20.13, 5:30 PM): I've been using my CubeX for a few weeks now. I already own an Ultimaker printer I bought last year. The print quality on the CubeX is excellent, once it is set up right. Like every other 3-D printer, the bed needs to be perfectly leveled and the Z-gap needs to be set very precisely. Once this is done. the print quality matches the best I've been able to do with my Ultimaker. Even though Cubify claims these are calibrated at the factory, the shipping seems to undo most of the accuracy of the calibration. I suggest using a feeler gauge to accurately set the Z-gap. Most set it using a 1mm gauge. I used a 0.5mm gauge because I don't use the glue stick. I use blue painter's tape with Aqua Net sprayed on it.The glue adds a little thickness which the Aqua Net doesn't, hence the smaller gap. A Google+ group has started for owners/users of the CubeX. You can find it at:!forum/cubex-3d-printing

Michael Andrew (04.05.13, 4:19 AM): Thank you for your feedback on these. Great to get some real feedback!

Rob Gersbach (04.05.13, 12:41 AM): We received our CubeX Trio printer this week and are very disappointed with the print quality. Prints are full of bumps & distortions. Our $1200 UP!Plus 3D printer produces far superior parts. I sent photos of our printed parts to Cubify support & was told that they were working on the software to improve print quality but for now that's as good as it gets. So my advice is Don't Buy This Printer! If you do you will be sorry like me.

Jay (03.19.13, 9:39 PM): Replicator 2x Also's... 1. It hasn't printed PLA for any users...yet... 2. There are some serious teething problems (well this is V1.0)...connectos loose from shipping which makes 1st boot not fun....Build plates are routinely NOT flat and a large fraction have pitting on the surface...the ribbon cable for the X motor routinely rubs over the roll pin which cuts wires leading to the "X motor disco"....the covers seems to be at least 2 weeks getting to some customers. 3. Actually the 'roll' or cartridge is about .7kg or a 1/3 of the makerbot roll...makes supplies for Rep2X even cheaper. In Google groups there are lists of how to use other suppliers rolls which can reduce operating costs even more. Cubex also's... 1. BEFORE you buy a Cubex try it's software. Even though they just released the new version 2 days ago there are still some BIG holes in it because it has been dumbed down for the 'prosumer'. Makerware 2.0 is much easier to use. 3. NO HEATED BUILD's just a sheet of glass. (ABS is much harder with open sides and no heated build plate) As it stands I wouldn't call either of these 'home desktop ready'. Cubify support doesn't tell you that you don't ship you printer back...they ship you parts to install. Same with MB and I don't like their "once you open the box it's yours.." mentality. I have the 3D system and I am now on the waiting list for a 2X. They just dumbed down the Cube's software to the point you can print their carefully programmed items...but forget most Thingiverse items. They just don't print right. AND...Neither of them have 'simple' ways to print in 2 colors. If it's not already drawn that way you have to 'merge' the files...lot's of tweaking.

Whubee (03.10.13, 11:49 AM): I have looking at a website called that will print any 3D file for you. They will also see the items for you on a per order basis. You dont have the device in your home but it is a more affordable option.