Enrique (03.18.08, 12:47 AM): Once one of the professors in the engineering department at school told me. "Listen what we have covered is not as important as what we haven't covered." what I think he meant is that what he tough me is already learned but what he haven't covered I don't know yet so it is important to learn new things.

michael andrew (03.12.08, 3:42 PM): Thank you A! - I have so much to learn about photography, so qualification wise, I may not be the very best teacher, but then again, those who are extremely qualified arent always so willing to teach what they know. It seems to me, that when I learn something with the intention to teach it to others, it comes faster and in a way that is easier to relate to others.

Alexandra (03.12.08, 8:56 AM): WOW! That is so true! Ever think of moving to Plano to teach 11 grade? My son needs a teacher like you! LOL ....... I wish there were teachers more like you in our public school system~