Alexandros Dalkos (02.18.13, 4:19 PM): Congratulations to all!! Michael thanks for your contest and for inspiring us! My title for the "Calm Ape" is "The Thinker" but I like your title too

Adrian Judy (02.13.13, 3:02 PM): Not much editing at all. Just a slight crop, levels adjustment, and vignette.

Diane (02.13.13, 1:43 PM): Congratulations to Adrian for winning 1st prize! Congratulations to all of the other winners too! Job well done!

Adrian Judy (02.13.13, 12:03 PM): Woo Hoo! So excited and honored to win. I called the shot "love bites" but I guess "lions roar" works too. :)

Diane Ammann (02.13.13, 9:43 AM): I love the choices for 1st place, and am also glad to see the owl picture as a mention. Very nice photography - and I was also glad to see that it was a photo choosen that looks like it was not altered in a photoshop program and such.