Zoltan (02.19.13, 9:01 AM): Hey Guys, That thing is a plant in my Grandma's garden.I inverted the colors and played with some effects till I thought it looked good. Frankly,I don't think I would be able to do it again,because I can't remember the exact way I did it :) All the other images including every category are so beautiful,I must admit I feel lucky to be chosen as the winner.Thank you very much. Congrats to everyone! Best Wishes, Zoltan

Chris (02.11.13, 5:36 PM): Congratulations to all the winners! Great work. Hope Zoltan shares what this is. Looks like some type of digitized flower? So glad the Rainbow Skyscraper made it in. I loved that one!

Diane (02.11.13, 9:48 AM): Congrats to everyone!