Abe (08.27.15, 9:19 PM): So we just tried to do this hike. The road with the cows forks a few times, and goes off in different directions. Which way were we supposed to go? How do you get to the river specifically?

Alex Rubio (02.01.13, 12:23 AM): Hi Michael, sorry I haven't been around your site for a while. Things looking good as always, will look around and catch up within the next few days...

Steven (01.30.13, 8:00 PM): Man I would like to try that!!!! The hike and not getting a feel! Would love to see more pic's of this hike.

Angie (01.30.13, 7:25 PM): This is so awesome Mike, I love all the pics and we are so glad we had the chance to experience this with you! And yea, I was trying to sneak a grab, busted ;)

Crystal Madsen (01.30.13, 3:04 PM): Looks like an awesome vacation. I need more vacations :-)

Luis (01.29.13, 7:32 PM): Let's callnit a sporty grab :)

Scotty (01.29.13, 12:29 PM): That looks like a TON of fun. But looks like it could really beat you up bad if not carefull! Is it me or is the girl sneaking a feel of your rear in the 5th pic down? J/K its on the log I think? Thanks for sharing.