Gabriela (01.25.13, 5:48 AM): Good luck to everyone. There are so many great pictures.

Chris (01.23.13, 4:01 PM): I didn't make as a finalist, but when I see these images I know why. Great job everyone and good luck to all the finalists. Masterful work! Oh, and the Macro link finally gave me a confirmation of my vote last night, as did all the others. I do see someone else was having a problem with the macro link, though.

Rory (01.23.13, 3:52 AM): Hi Michael! The link to the MACRO Finalists under the Contests blog entry is not working. It just takes one back to the Contests blog posting...not the Macro page. Thank you! A friend mentioned it to me....

Spooky (01.22.13, 9:55 PM): Amazing images!

Rory (01.22.13, 7:23 PM): Hi Michael, This is my first time in your awesome contest and I am so thrilled to be a finalist. I am getting ready to post about it and wonder if the public voting is ONLY once period, or once each day during the week? I have had people ask because another contest I was in, the voting was allowed on a daily basis! Thank you for everything!!!

Luis (01.22.13, 4:58 PM): Voted the best IMHO.

Thomas (01.22.13, 2:26 PM): Voted. Best to all