Ravi Mistry (02.19.13, 8:45 AM): Hi Michael, first of all thank you so much for providing us such an opportunity to proceed in our career. Being one of the contest winners, it would be amazing if you provide finalists photographs with their names with them so that we can share your website to show off people, even can link it to facebook or something. Thanks again.

Denis Caro (01.30.13, 8:25 AM): I agree. It is all about the attitude! For me a photo is all about emotions, what it makes me feel when I see it. The first shot in this category definitely makes me stop and take a second look wondering how it was done. It also gives me a strong feeling of hope. But then again, that's just my humble opinion. :-)

Michael Andrew (01.25.13, 1:17 AM): @Thomas- I stand by my choices. If these images are so awful, show us how it is done. Ive found I am happier and enjoy life more when I look for good & positives, instead of attacking or looking for negatives. Its all about attitude.

Thomas (01.24.13, 11:46 AM): yeah I do have to wonder what you were thinking in your choices as finalists. That first shot is just awful no matter how you rationalize it.

Rory (01.23.13, 7:55 PM): Amazing work!!!