Cary (01.14.13, 10:27 PM): Very nice pictures, I'm very happy that mine was nominated, thank you Michael. good luck everybody

Danny (01.11.13, 3:03 PM): Pictures are amazing. Giving me good ideas for new pictures. Very happy mine made it (Disney Dream Atrium). Good luck to all!

Kierra (01.08.13, 9:07 PM): Wow, I can't believe I'm a nominee in this amazing contest with all these other breath taking photographs! Good luck to everyone, and thank you for the honor!

Thomas (01.08.13, 11:31 AM): conrats to the nominee's

Cory (01.07.13, 6:54 PM): dang :(

Beth (01.07.13, 2:46 PM): Wow! There are some stunners in here! Don't envy the judges having to choose . . .

Luis (01.07.13, 10:55 AM): Stunning selection! Michael, I wouldn't like to be in your shoes while judging this for the final cut. Congrats to all nominees!

Alexey (01.07.13, 9:12 AM): I did not make it this year. But even if I made the cut, it would be tough to compete with these great photos.

stanlerd (01.07.13, 6:07 AM): great entries i'm happy my picture was nominated

Kelvin (01.07.13, 3:28 AM): Wow some great shots here, good luck in narrowing the field, you have really got great photo's this year. Guess I have to start doing some stuff for your next one. Thanks Michael