Sue Boshears (01.07.13, 10:37 AM): Been through these several times. I still find myself stopping the slide show and trying to figure out what the photo actually is. Very cool shots.

Michael Andrew (01.05.13, 4:22 PM): Its clearly stated in the rules that editing programs are ok. "Abstract" covers a lot of ground open for interpretation, including the emotion or feel of an image. Every year I get comments from those who may not agree with how I judge or select and thats fine too. If you put on your own contest and see how much time, money and effort that goes into it, I think you will have a better appreciation of what I am doing. Thanks

Eldad (01.05.13, 2:26 AM): I concur with Diane. Too many pictures are not abstract at all (how can a picture of the Eiffel tower can be considered as abstract ???). There are great pictures here, however, I think the selection should be solely between the true abstract pictures

Diane (01.02.13, 6:52 PM): Very good pictures, I did think that some of them - really were not abstract - however that is within the beholder of the person taking the picture. Some of them also look like they were edited with the assistance of program - is that alright - or should the pictures be without the use of modifing them with programs. Just thought I would ask what the rules are also.

Diane (01.02.13, 3:54 PM): Kinfolk, I noticed that too! Great will be difficult! Good luck everyone!

Amanda Goolsby (01.02.13, 5:03 AM): Wow! Amazing images here. Congrats everyone and good luck!

Kinfolk (01.02.13, 4:13 AM): I think you have put a picture that have already been nominated in animals category - the one with bird shadow in the window ;)