Cary Di Buono (01.07.13, 11:43 PM): I can not see Animals nominees, I'm waiting for a long time and like it's in a loop, I could see Landscape and I'm in, but there are a lot of good pics, congrats to all and good luck, Michael please tell me what can I do to see animals...thank you....

Babak (01.01.13, 10:23 PM): WOW!! good job everyone!

Liana (01.01.13, 10:26 AM): Awesome collection!!! Good luck to everyone :)

Rory (01.01.13, 1:59 AM): An absolutely amazing collection of photographs!! I don't envy the judges...there were so many superb photos in this group! Congratulations to all the nominees!!!

Karlie (12.31.12, 6:55 PM): Are the abstract nominees still being voted on? Or did I miss it?

Stacy Locke (12.31.12, 4:38 PM): What an OUTSTANDING collection of images! Congrats to all the nominees.

Diane (12.31.12, 2:45 PM): Good luck everyone!!!!!

Cory (12.31.12, 11:35 AM): aww thats kinda sad i thought for sure my dog in the leaves would make it :/ he was so perfectly posed with such a good background. oh well great job to all the noms. there was some really awesome shots in there with a few that def stand out as finalists

HayL (12.31.12, 9:12 AM): Glad to see I made it to the nominees. Congratulations to all who made it

Amanda Goolsby (12.31.12, 6:55 AM): Holy Crap! So many great images here. So much personality/emotion in a lot of the animals faces. Kudos to those who were brave enough to photograph the spiders & snakes. I could never do that with my phobia. The shark was awesome! Congrats to all the nominees and good luck.