michael andrew (03.15.08, 7:37 PM): how much do they run Amish?

Amish (03.12.08, 3:01 PM): I've been using my Creative Zen W Vision (60gig) which I love. Although they stopped making it, you can find these on the CHEAP! They don't display RAW, so I shoot RAW+sJPG so I can still view my images on there. It has one built in CF reader, which I keep a SD-CF card on me to dump my SD cards. Works like gold. Plus I can watch movies, listen to mp3's while I'm waiting around.

michael andrew (03.07.08, 7:58 PM): hi doug! Thanks for visiting. I have a huge amount of respect for Becker- he is a stud! I hope you enjoy my blog.

Doug (03.07.08, 5:33 PM): I just found your site through the B-school blog.... this thing looks cool. I'm going to go and check it out. Thanks for the info!

Ken (03.07.08, 9:24 AM): I really thought this would be cool for a long trip or an extended vacation when you are not arround a computer or (like in my case) you don't have a laptop. The price is good and most of the reviews are pretty good too. The added features of the ESP are just a plus. Thanks for posting it, Michael.