Gabriela (01.25.13, 6:59 AM): i really feel so horrible about judging you Michael about your contest. i would delete those words if I could :(

Gabriela (01.25.13, 5:47 AM): Michael. I am sorry. I didn't meant to offend you. All I wanted to say that I think not all the pictures are macro. But hey I am not an amazing photographer as you are with many experiences. I just thought that you will have the time to maybe ask me which picture I don't think it is macro, and explain it why it is a macro if i am wrong about it. I thought you will want to help. But it is okay because I know that you are maybe sick to read comments like mine.I am sorry again. I din't meant to offend you. Please forgive me.

Michael Andrew (01.22.13, 9:06 AM): @Gabriela- If you knew the tremendous amount of time, effort and money that goes into putting this contest on, you would not make such comments. Photoshopping is absolutely allowed (specifically stated in rules). Complaining typically will not help in ANY situation.

Gabriela (01.21.13, 2:10 PM): a little disappointed to see so many pictures that are not actually macro pictures and some look like they are photoshoped too. but I wish good luck for everyone :)

me (12.22.12, 5:08 PM): waiting in anticipation..... when will you begin to post the contest again????

Cary Di Buono (12.17.12, 11:48 PM): Thank you Michael, I could see it with Chrome, I'm very happy to see my picture is in it but there are so many good shots, It's going to be very difficult to choose the winner, good luck to everyone, thank you....

Thomas (12.17.12, 8:41 PM): congrats to all the nominee's

Michael Andrew (12.17.12, 3:49 PM): Are you letting it load properly? It takes about 25 seconds depending on your connection. The Sports category is hidden for now as we had issues with 2 shows playing on the same page. Thanks! M

Cary Di Buono (12.17.12, 8:21 AM): Hi Michael, I still can not see the complete slideshow, I can see the small below but I can not open it to see in large view and where is the sports category? I have tryed in 3 computers, maybe I need something special?, thank you for help me

Diogo Ferreira (12.17.12, 6:37 AM): I'm glad one of my pictures is here, but there are so many stunning pictures in here I don't have a chance... :)

Liana R (12.15.12, 6:59 PM): Amazing work! What a wonderful collection!

Stacy Locke (12.14.12, 8:19 PM): Congrats to all the Nominees......Awesome images:) I am only able to view the first 30 maybe 50 pics then it stops working?????

June (12.14.12, 2:37 PM): Amazing Photos! Good job Macro Photographers!

Rory (12.14.12, 7:30 AM): Ohmigawd....just saw my photo excited! What a lovely surprise and an honor!!! Michael, I do wonder if there is someplace on the site that tells us what to do if we are "nominees?" Do we need to do anything else at this point? Thank you again for hosting such a fabulous contest! I am blown away by the work shown here!

Roshan Arjal (12.14.12, 1:02 AM): Hi Michael, just wanted to ask if there were any technical problems with my entries! Neither of them got nominated for sports or macro category! Or was it that they could make the list!

roni (12.14.12, 12:30 AM): wow---so many stunning images. congrats so far and good luck to all of the nominees!

Michael Andrew (12.13.12, 11:52 PM): I am wondering if we have a little bug where if 2 shows are playing on the same page there may be an issue. Try clicking on the "link to this post" button above (it will open the post into a single page" & should work. Please let me know if it doesn't. Thanks!

Cary Di Buono (12.13.12, 11:41 PM): Very good shots but I could not see the complete slideshow, it stopped at the middle of it, when I tryed to see the sports Nominees, I could not see it, what can I do?

Alicia W. (12.13.12, 6:40 PM): I love how these pictures depict the fragile and unique qualities in nature that is often missed by the naked human eye. There's also a lot of personality embedded in many of these photos that take viewing them from interesting to memorable. I can't wait to see the nominees from the other categories. This is fun!

Diane (12.13.12, 6:28 PM): Congrats and good luck to all of the nominees!

Beth (12.13.12, 6:21 PM): Wow! I could tell you who I think the winner should be already . . . stunning!

Lori_Z (12.13.12, 6:09 PM): I am honored to be included in this group, there are some amazing shots. I do not envy the judges, they have their work cut out for them.

Diane Ammann (12.13.12, 5:30 PM): Wonderful presentation as the same for the sports slide show. Nicely done and beautiful work. After the nominees are picked - do they go for judging again to pick the final winners for each section. Just thought I would ask how it works.