phond (12.13.12, 11:49 AM): My primary point of interest is both low and high ISO noise across the three cameras (chroma and luminance). I shoot in RAW and without NR (I apply NR in PP) so I'd prefer shots of this nature and the ability to download NEF/CR2. Regarding low ISO I'm specifically interested in analysis of shadow detail after recovery of 2 stops. I'd also like a few High ISO tests done with real world situations. The sort of lighting conditions you'd see in a Irish pub with little but warm ambient light or a wedding. I'm tired of High ISO tests being done with well lite subjects that don't reflect the true general purpose of shooting high ISO... Review of stock WB performance would also be appreciated.

jyoung (12.11.12, 11:25 PM): How well do they track and take photos on moving objects(side to side & towards/away from you) in AI Servo AF (Canon)/AF-C (Nikon) modes? What percentage of those shots would be considered keepers? Also how do they images compare at higher ISO's in normal & low light?