Andrew Phillips (01.22.13, 1:35 AM): Hello Michael, i have been shooting with the 7d for a few years now and have purchased your excellent course for the 7D. I have recently purchased the 6D for my wife for use with her Frog business and am very much awaiting your course for the 6D. This is a brilliant camera for our business and is absolutely spectacular in low light for night photography we are currently shooting in the Australian Bush. Thanks for your efforts, we really enjoy your videos as well.

Michael Andrew (01.05.13, 10:56 PM): I create the videos with beginners in mind. I assume you know nothing about photography and aim to take you through to be an advanced shooter in just 3.5 hours of lessons. 100% money back guarantee too!

kim (01.05.13, 4:54 PM): I just received the Canon 6D for Christmas and I'm totally clueless as to how to use it. I have been using the Canon 30D for years and pretty much shot everything in autofocus. Will your tutorial help me or am I too much of a novice.

corey vickery (01.03.13, 4:03 AM): Hey Michael, any update on when this is going to be done?

Cory (12.07.12, 9:46 PM): I keep coming back for the model pics and will definitely be your first 7D II DVD customer.

roni (12.07.12, 1:43 PM): for what it's worth---i think that you offer a great product that really helps people get to know their cameras. i've both purchased for download and received your dvds in the mail. [of course, i've also watched many of your free vids. your information is fantastic and appreciated. thank you and please continue!

Steve Morovek (12.07.12, 12:36 PM): For a dude like myself your videos have helped me tremendously. I / we appreciate the incredibly hard work you do to produce these CC DVD's. Because of you and your hard work,you have made us photographers and better photographers. So don't stop and thank you for your passion for photography.