Michael DiDomenico (02.21.13, 7:39 AM): I find this to be so fantastic at the high levels of ISO. Only when you blow up the photo do you notice the noise.

Diane Ammann (12.04.12, 10:55 PM): Cannot believe the ISO Value's - also nice pic's.

Gunnar (12.04.12, 5:47 PM): Please test it VS 5DMK2 :) 6D ISO VS 5DMK2 ISO :)

Jonathan Johansson (12.04.12, 2:03 PM): Hi! I'm a landscape photographer and I'm very interested in the base ISO DR. Can we have a 100% crop of the rocks in the foreground where you have lifted the shadows?

Bill (12.04.12, 8:41 AM): that is an unbelievable ISO range....wow