Diane (11.29.12, 6:47 PM): Gave me goosebumps!

Eva (11.27.12, 2:03 AM): Thanks for sharing Mike!!

Mike (11.25.12, 10:23 PM): Thank you for finding this.

Steve Morovek (11.25.12, 4:52 PM): Um...WOW! Makes my problems seem trivial. What an awe inspiring story!

Julia Shinkle (11.25.12, 3:09 PM): I cried my ugly cry when he started walking and then running! Wow~ NO EXCUSES!

roni (11.25.12, 8:50 AM): this is one of the few videos that has been going around for years, now---and it never ceases to amaze and lift the spirit----thanks for sharing