Brigot (11.26.12, 10:47 PM): Congrats to all the promotional winners! Cant wait to see the listing for the photography contest!

Steffen (11.25.12, 4:28 PM): Congrats to all the winners!!

Brian Pflanz (11.21.12, 1:52 PM): Congrats to the winners of the promotion portion! Looking forward to seeing the finalists for the photo portion!

Michael Andrew (11.21.12, 11:52 AM): I think there may be some confusion. These winners listed above are only for the Promotional Part of the contest, which was the sharing of this image, or contest youtube video. We are still looking through the images for the MAIN Photography Part. This was just to help get the word out. Slideshows of the nominees will be posted soon.

Diane Ammann (11.21.12, 1:42 AM): Congrats to all the winners. Perhaps next contest - who knows. I agree with Babak comments also. Also - how does a person view the pics from your contests. Also what was this contest about - did not know about it till tonight.

Sarah Meacham (11.21.12, 12:09 AM): Congratulations to all of the winners!! And for those of us who did not win, better luck next time and hopefully we will get a chance again next year. I am not going to get discouraged about the pursuit of my dream to become a photographer and will keep on keeping on! Have fun with your prizes everyone and thank you for hosting this contest Michael. It is such a cool thing to be able to do!! You must feel like Santa. :)

Chris Dillman (11.20.12, 2:45 PM): Congrats to you winners. Maybe next year.

Michael Andrew (11.20.12, 2:34 PM): @Babak - Unfortunately, no that wont be possible for a number of reasons. I can say that I do know we have winners from all over the world, including New Zealand, India, Russia, USA, UK, Canada, as well as several other countries in Europe & Asia. Thanks!

Babak (11.20.12, 2:27 PM): Hey Mike, out of curiosity, would it be possible to mention the name and number of countries the winners are from?

Rob (11.20.12, 2:26 PM): Congrats to all the winners!