Melissa Meyers (11.16.12, 8:55 AM): so beautiful Michael. I just love the colors of Blue to yellow and the compostion is spot on. Love looking at your work, it truly inspires me.

Steve Morovek (11.15.12, 7:43 PM): Beautiful. Do not see sunsets like that here!

James (11.15.12, 11:17 AM): Nice sunset - the silhouetted tree offsets the harshness of the setting sun. The gradient of the blue sky to the yellow sunset is very well captured! Great job Michael!

Mike Pettrey (11.15.12, 8:51 AM): It is a good thing you are such a great guy with all you do because pictures like this as winter sets in the NE would make it easy to hate :) When you put these pictures up my wife hits me a lot for making her leave HI.