Nick (08.27.12, 5:58 AM): All that and Hawaii AAGHHH life is so tough Great Pictures Nick

Michael Andrew (08.24.12, 4:12 AM): @Heather- You can say whatever you like ;) - There are some things I want to improve on and we are shooting again next week, so I am all ears.

Heather Hawkins (08.24.12, 3:13 AM): I'm just curious how brutally honest I am allowed to be on the comments here. I see a couple of things I want to point out in the pictures but don't know if I can freely speak. I would never put down your work or models as I think you are a master at what you do behind the lens.

Doug Fulk (08.23.12, 2:10 AM): Working under those conditions, I would consider remembering to take the lens cap off a major accomplishment. Hang in there Michael. We're just looking at the pics to help us improve our posing techniques.

Andy (08.22.12, 1:25 PM): can i hold the speedlights??

Steve Morovek (08.21.12, 11:34 AM): Where do I sign up!!?? Absolutely fantastic shot Michael.

Tobias Roybal (08.21.12, 9:32 AM): Great pictures Mike. I just learned that I take as many pictures as you do so now I don't feel like a shutter freak. Because I believe, like you, that you have to take many to get that right look! I really wish I lived near the beach about right now!

Jack Launer (08.21.12, 8:02 AM): yes, the struggle is great... but the rewards are endless ^_^ Seriously, nicely done Michael!