Best DVD Review on the Net (11.12.09, 1:49 AM): I ran into this problem head on... I literaly had disks lose information in less than a month... The disk I burned and checked prior to mailing came back and my computer read it as blank!!! Unreal I had no idea a disc could lose data. Could you imagine how angry our customers would be when they put the disk in a year or two later and their wedding photos were no longer registering on the disk. Insane. I have order "official" Taiyo Yuden disks as they are the highest rated disks for archival quality storage. Be careful Verbatim has been caught selling another manufacturer's disks under their label. And Taiyo Yuden disks can have blank faces... there is only one retailer that guarntees what they ship is from Taiyo Yuden. The extra 10-15 cents a disk is well worth the investment.

Tracy (02.22.08, 4:13 PM): Thanks for the info Mike, I'll check my back up disks I just made to archive my photos.

michael andrew (02.21.08, 10:37 PM): yeah me too...its unfortunate, they are one of the most well distributed disks- thats nearly all you can find around here. I have stacks of them. :(

Heather Odom (02.21.08, 10:02 PM): Thanks for the info. Guess I should file my memorex disks under "G" for garbage and buy some new ones tomorrow.