Heather Odom (02.20.08, 10:45 PM): WOWZA!!! I'm in agreement with everyone else. That first shot is incredible. Mind sharing your settings or secrets behind that one? Also love the jumping pic! How much fun is that?!?!

Caroline (02.18.08, 10:15 AM): All these are great! The first one is just amazing! Beautiful work and beautiful couple!

michael andrew (02.17.08, 1:15 AM): it was a toy....its head would light up blue and pink when you squeezed his belly. :)

kim (02.17.08, 12:39 AM): I really like the cloud shot

kim (02.17.08, 12:39 AM): was that a real frog or a toy that someone left at the park...it just doesn't look real

michael andrew (02.17.08, 12:08 AM): Hi Alexandra- EF stands for Electro Focus and were specifically designed for EOS mounts in the late 1980's. Nearly all of the lenses sold by Canon today are EF lenses. They are characteristically different than FD lenses in the EF lenses have their own built in motors and focus electrically. FD lenses required a mechanical mechanism in the body to control the lens, typically through mechanical plungers. They are obsolete and if I am not mistaken will not work on EOS mounts. I hope that helps. :)

Alexandra (02.16.08, 9:43 PM): Quick Question (not related to today's blog)...what is the difference between a Canon FD lens and an EF lens and are they both compatible with the EOS system cameras?

Elizabeth (02.16.08, 7:05 PM): That first shot is amazing! And what a cool looking frog!

Ashley (02.16.08, 1:54 PM): Those pictures are so good. We love our wedding pictures, but everytime I see more of your work and see how it's changing, it makes me want another shoot. And that's saying a lot considering I usually hate being in front of cameras :)

Chase (02.16.08, 10:52 AM): That cloud shot looks like something out of Halo...sweet

Jill Norris (02.16.08, 10:16 AM): I love these pics. They turned out great. I can't wait to see the rest!

Alexandra (02.16.08, 9:16 AM): Those are Great, you are very talented.