Elizabeth (02.15.08, 3:42 PM): Because it works SO MUCH BETTER!

michael andrew (02.15.08, 11:00 AM): Ive thought long and hard about this one....I think its a personal decision- lol - I feel a very strange desire which I cannot explain to compulsively use paper towels in a very wasteful manner- for example if there is a very small counter spill, use at least 4 to clean it up. Paper towels however are generally 4-6 times more expensive than their napkin counterparts, so every time I use paper towels I cant shake the sense of guilt I have in the waste. I dont like using napkins nearly as much, but there is no guilt. So...I dont know if that answers your question and mine still remains....why does it feel better to use something 6 x more expensive that you will throw away in 3 seconds? lol :)

apple (02.15.08, 10:24 AM): could you please just tell us if we're supposed to use paper towels or napkins!?!? the suspense is killing me :)