Jay (03.24.08, 6:00 PM): On campus I have to use a Mac 95% of the time, and at home I use a PC. I would say the times even own during the week on using them both constantly. I have to admit, it seems the Macs just don't like me, they always seem to crash and give me issues. I thought it was possibly due to the computers being 2 years old, but last semester our campus just updated to new Macs this year and they still seem to give me issues. I have lost more things on Macs than my PC. I'm not saying I'm telling individuals not to buy Macs, but from my own personal experience hasn't been such a great one. I love some features Macs do offer, and Final Cut Pro is great, but I wish I would just have better luck using them. For now, I'll just stick with my PC. Maybe the Mac knows this and that's why it doesn't like me.

Enrique (03.18.08, 12:39 AM): Hi, Michael. It sucks what happened eith your macbook pro. I have a macbook and I love it. one thing though, all Electronics are not 100% reliable so there will always be a chance for an electronic device to fail. did you know that electronics and mechanical devices have a life time. what I mean is that they are just like people, with time they get slower and stop performing as they used to.

michael andrew (02.17.08, 10:04 PM): Still deciding on the contest....post winner when I announce next contest. :)

Tracy (02.17.08, 9:19 PM): Mike, I have to say my family is a little jealous. We lost everything on our Mac when Isabel knocked it off the bed. They tried to remote access, some 'clean air" retrieval, and now our only option is to send it to CA to have a company try and resurrect it from there..it looks like we may never see Isabel's pictures again...So sad! But we're so happy for you!

Alexandra (02.17.08, 8:49 PM): What were the results of your contest???

Lee Potter (02.17.08, 11:57 AM): Sweet...Nothing better then free.