jon Farmer (06.27.13, 11:44 AM): Second comparison shots down ( full length body shot) the two images have different DOF which sagest different apertures being used.

rev (10.19.12, 8:52 AM): wow, thats a great canon body, and I must get it. thanks for your post

james moro (04.16.12, 2:48 PM): great to see someone finally do a side-by-side review. some of those shots are a little surprising, but for the most part, it's pretty clear that the 5DIII images reflect a superior AF system. I've pretty much all but given up shooting wide open w/ my 5DII b/c of the AF reliability problems. Great to see the 5DIII making this a reliable option again. thanks for the review.

Ilias Diakoumakos (03.26.12, 3:47 PM): Interesting test. I have guessed which camera has taken the shot in most cases, because the Mark II has a slight red tint on people's skin, usually. I have no doubt that the new camera is / will be better. However, on the profile test, it seems like a reflector or flash was used on the left side of the 5D Mark III picture. Did you used exactly the same set up on the Mark II? Also on the heavy back light image of the Mark II there is obvious flare on the left side while on the Mark III there is not.

DJ (03.26.12, 3:33 PM): I too am going nuts over the moved zoom button. I've written to Chuck Westfall who appreciated the feedback on that. Perhaps if enough of us complain they'll fix it with firmware quicker rather than later. I'm currently using the set button but after 6 days of shooting my hand is extremely fatigued and my motor memory keeps wanting to push the upper right button.

John (03.26.12, 11:59 AM): My take is: 5d3, 5d2, 5d3, 5d2, 5d3. I'm an amateur photographer but that's my quarter.

Phil (03.25.12, 8:34 AM): If the zoom option is bothering you (like me) you can change the Set button to do the same thing. This means you can do it with your right thumb. Its not as good a location as it used to be but much better than on the left.