jeffrey ong (10.16.14, 7:34 AM): Great analysis! same as what I thought...

Kenneth (04.21.14, 4:29 PM): This is very interesing, indeed! I upgraded to the 7D from a lesser EOS model. However, I have not been very satisfied with the 7D when I'm at or above ISO 800. The noise levels are simply way beyond what I can accept. I will take the plunge and dive into full format as soon as humanly possible. I love the overall performance of the 7D, it's built like a tank and it's great to work with. The high ISO noise levels, however, is a real onion in the ointment. Perhaps I was expecting too much…

Pete Marshall (07.18.13, 9:10 AM): Thank mate for spending the time to do this test. I had a look on youtube prior to going to your blog.I shoot 100-1500 shots a day doing real-estate I love my 7d but I wear one out every 250k shots or so. I cant justify a 5dmk3 to shoot real-estate as they wear out too fast. Your video and film test has swayed me to buy a new toy for my higher end and commercial work. thanks mate from down under Pete P.S You should do something on the Promote control it is the best bit of kit that I have bought for years and saves me over an hour a day shooting sets of 9 images for HDR.

Nick (03.29.12, 6:36 PM): Thanks Michael I appreciate the comparisons. I am waiting for the 5DMKIII Fall/Christmas rebate (hopefully) and hope the price drops. It looks very nice but that price ouch!!! Nick

jblake (03.25.12, 11:32 AM): A couple of things I see here. When comparing the 7D's ISO 400 to the other two camera's, your data seems to be relevant. However, this doesn't apply to higher ISO's. According to your data, the 7d at 1600 is only behind the 5D II by around 2/3 a stop and at ISO 6400 it is what maybe 1/3 of a stop worse than the 5D II ? My first camera was the 5D II, I now have a 7D. From most of the images I have where I did a comparison of the 5D II vs the 7D, I found at higher ISO's, the 5d II had around a 1 - 1 1/3 stop advantage. However when I actually printed these test images out onto a 13 x 19 print, that 5d II advantage shrank to around a ~ 1/3 stop, in other words you couldn't really tell any difference between the two. I will say that you are going to be able to tell at least a full stop or more of printed difference with the 5D III vs the 7D at higher ISO's for sure. But to be fair, it takes more effort to make the 7D printed image similar to the 5D II, and it would be a waste of time trying to make the 7D's image look anywhere as good as the 5D III high ISO print.

Akhiel Mahabier (03.25.12, 7:59 AM): Thanks Andrew! Exactly what I was looking for (as 7D Owner).

Cory (03.24.12, 11:38 PM): Michael: I'm "good" with my T1i (for general everything plus high-end HS and club volleyball and youth soccer), Sigma 17-50, Canon 135 f2 and 70-200 f4 IS, but do feel the "need" to upgrade one day. I've somewhat mastered the T1i, thanks to 3 of your DVD's and was thinking that maybe the next 7D would be "it". IQ is my main thing so I wonder if the new 5D might be the call. Thanks.

282g (03.24.12, 6:33 PM): Any way to do a RAW comparison to see how much is done in the jpg processing vs the sensor?