michael andrew (02.21.08, 12:26 PM): I use a Lowpro Computrekker as my main bag (and yes I have several). I like it because it is small, yet has a space for my laptop. There is a roller version of it. It really helps to be able to see a camera bag before you buy it, but this is my fav.

michael andrew (02.21.08, 12:24 PM): hey heather- Yes the Canon 40D video would be very, very useful for anyone who owns a 10D, 20D, or 30D- there will just be some additional information, for example in the menu systems. The main operation of these cameras has remained consistent. :)

Heather Odom (02.20.08, 11:37 PM): Hey Michael! You said the 40D DVD would be OK for me even though I only have the 20D, correct? Just wanted to make sure before I placed me order. One more question......what kind of camera bag do you have or which one do you typically use (since I'm sure you probably have more than one :) ) Thanks!!