michael andrew (02.13.08, 12:24 AM): hey Cheyenne- you are welcome to come over any time and check out some of my camera gear. I will get wid u on dis.

deene (02.12.08, 1:13 AM): You are ADORABLE! This is bringing back MAJOR memories! The only thing missing is a PEE-CHEE folder!!!!!

Cheyenne (02.11.08, 8:50 PM): Kowabunga! You are so '80s (imagine eye-roll here). I went to your "business" site and looked through your portfolio. I love your unique compositions. I really want you to take some pictures of Olivia in May, partly so I can investigate your equipment. The Sky Cam intrigues me. Get with me and we can work out the details.

Thad (02.11.08, 10:57 AM): Nice flashback Shiff. I especially like the "button your fly" t-shirt your buddy has on. www.thadforester.com