michael andrew (02.12.08, 12:27 AM): hey A!- I got the photos! Great work! All three were just wonderful and you are entered to win! Ive only got a few entries on the Abstract Photography Contest which ends next Thursday, so your chances of winning are good! keep up the good work! - M

Alexandra (02.11.08, 10:13 PM): I submitted my photo to your email, but because I am still learning how to "resize" pictures, I wanted to make sure you were able to open the attachments. I am taking an "organize, print and share" class at Wolf Camera tomorrow, hopefully I will learn something.

michael andrew (02.09.08, 11:39 PM): :) wow! Thank you, I really appreciate it. Ive wondered for a while if it was worth all the work- it started with a simple idea to just teach basic photography to beginners and I wasnt sure if anyone would like them or even see them. So...it makes me happy to hear from students who are actually using the lessons, it helps me feel its worth it. Ive heard from a few students this week and am more motivated than ever to finish the mentor site. I am sure you will do great. The deadline for pictures is Next Thursday the 14th...looking forward to your pictures Alexandra! :)

Alexandra Furstenberg (02.09.08, 10:49 PM): I LOVE your lessons!!! I have been online watching and taking notes since I left my loast comment. I am from Plano, Texas! Could you please tell me when the deadline to submit my photo is? I am so excited about your online classes and the homework assigments! You have explained each topic in a simplistic way that an amateur could understand! I also looked at your portfolio and am very impressed! I'll try to be one of your star students and make you proud!

michael andrew (02.09.08, 8:52 PM): Hi Alexandria! glad to have you visit and thank you for leaving a message. You absolutely may participate in the next contest. This will be fun for you because you are starting the composition lessons...very good fundamentals. Hopefully you will win the Canon 40 D DVD, which goes into everything you would ever want to know about it. Just send me your best abstract images and you will be entered to win. The contest is open to everyone who submits a photo! Please let me know how I can help. Where are you from?

Alexandra Furstenberg (02.09.08, 8:40 PM): Can I still get in on the next contest? I am new at photography, only bought a canon 40D last week and came across your youtube tutorials. I'm so glad I found you and your online school. Tomorrow, Sunday i will start the first lesson and work on my homework! Back to my original question, can I still participate in your next contest?