Kim (08.09.07, 1:08 PM): And that my friend I would agree with. :)

michael andrew (08.09.07, 12:38 AM): The death of a loved one is a perfect illustration...we suffer the until the pain pushes us to subconsciously deal with it. We may not be able to recognize when it happens, but as with all deaths...the mourner gets to a point when they are ready to move on...some sooner than later. That point is the threshold I was trying to describe. Something clicks inside and the person can deal with the pain. Why? They have reached a point when they are prepared to deal with what happened. You are right to assume I wasnt calling mourners cowards, what I was saying was pain is lifes way of indicating something isnt right. It demands a call for action. Most of us hesitate to find a solution. It is a tough pill to swallow....knowing that pain is indicating a weakness inside you. True pain is inseparably tied to our core attitudes. If you want to really know what someone is like...see them deal with pain. Why do we mourn the death of a loved one? What is the reason for this pain? Thank you for your insight Kim. Im open to anyone's thoughts on this.

Kim (08.08.07, 11:39 PM): I don't necessarily agree with pain=cowardice. I mean if you lose a loved a one you suffer right? It isn't physical pain but an emotional one. I suppose it IS up to you on how you truly deal with the loss; however, I don't think it cowardly to mourn. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you weren't saying that. It just sounded like you were generalizing "pain". That's all.

michael andrew (08.08.07, 8:30 PM): There are so many ways to feel pain it would be wrong to summarize it entirely. We determine the degree of all our pain subconsciously, self inflicted or not- even when someone else hurts us- it can reflect an inferior ability to deal with it... In what way were you thinking Kim? Tell me.....

Kim (08.08.07, 5:27 PM): While I would agree on a certain level, I must say that not all pain is like this.