Alex Rubio (02.03.12, 7:44 PM): Excellent news Michael, looking forward to this DVD, I like the HD idea, might have to get both versions...

chaos2k (02.01.12, 12:42 PM): Sounds great M. All the videos I have bought have been well worth the money. I'll look into the digital download however I do like having the physical disc. The one thing I would like to see in the future is the use of the widescreen aspect instead of the standard 4:3 for the dvds. I think most of us have flatscreens now days. I look forward to the newsletter and discount code.

brandon (02.01.12, 12:35 AM): where do you sign up for the news letter.

courtney schupbach (01.31.12, 5:55 PM): bought the 7d crash course and loved it. will you please still make your "downloadable" courses available in standard def? is that even possible?

Bill (01.31.12, 7:28 AM): I will order it the moment it is available. Thanks Adam and Michael!