Shelley (06.06.08, 2:58 PM): I supported Romney and was very disappointed when he dropped out. I would be considered a conservative Republican...maybe more so a Libertarian based on my beliefs of what made America great and what makes America great. At this point in time, it looks like Obama is the heir apparent to the Democrat Party and McCain is the Republican's choice...that seems like an oxy moron to me....McCain Republican. I would not vote for Obama but after doing much research on his voting record and listening to him, he actually makes me fear losses of my liberty. I do not like John McCain...question posed, why would any Republican vote for McCain? I didn't in the Primary, now he's the only choice. I may doodle on my ballot this November. About Huckabee and the Fair Tax, I actually did a lot of research on that. It's actually a good idea...not what the media made it out to be. Big surprise there, right.

michael andrew (02.14.08, 2:22 AM): Im beginning to think some Republicans like McCain because he is willing to play dirty- Im totally not impressed with his answers in the debates.

Thad (02.02.08, 10:53 PM): I hate I missed the event, but glad you got to take part. I didn't know there were that many Romney supporters in T-town. And glad you got to meet Aderholt. He is from my hometown and I like the guy. Honestly, I didn't think he'd be a Romney fan, but turns out he's even wiser than I thought.

kim (02.02.08, 3:33 PM): I have been wondering that myself-why McCain is getting so much support I think someone's pulling something somewhere when it comes to the polls...