Maks Maks (01.25.12, 5:25 AM): Yyeeeeeaaaahhh!!! My photo is on the third place!!! Thank you very much!!!!! But anyways all shots are great! Congratulations !!

chaos2k (01.24.12, 4:17 PM): Beautiful shot. Congrats!

Max (DigiMax) (01.24.12, 3:42 PM): Congratulations Irina , that is a beautiful shot. All the makings of a winner, shallow depth of field, hair well lit and not blown out, soft lighting on face and body and a beautiful model. Perfect!!! Also congrats to all the other winners. Great job!

Thomas (01.24.12, 1:32 PM): great shot

Adol (01.24.12, 10:19 AM): wow, the no.1 is great, salute

Rose (01.24.12, 10:05 AM): Congratulations everyone! Sooo many wonderful entries, it was hard for me to pick just one when I voted! God bless!

laura (01.24.12, 4:39 AM): I'm shocked, the winning photo is NOT of an old man, nor of the child from a third world country! :) Congratulations, beautiful photo!