Serg (02.06.12, 4:34 AM): Congratulations to all finalists and especially the winners - it's great! I'm in third place I'm from Russia

Rudra (01.23.12, 1:00 PM): Congrats Biswajit :)

Gabriela Mester (01.23.12, 6:08 AM): I agree with Laura's point it would be more fair without the voting poll. Cause for example, I asked some of my friends to vote for me and I got over 50 votes in the first day but after you changed the poll (when you put the numbers), so i needed to ask again my friends to vote, and many of them didn't vote again or i don't know. And i don't like to spam they imbox with my messages like "Vote again please" I think it is rude.. Anyway, I'm not judgeing you or something, it was fun to participate, and there were many photos. Maybe you will do this again this year too (:

Michael Andrew (01.22.12, 2:42 PM): @ Laura- The voting part by blog readers accounts for 1/6th of the finalists voting- it is as if there is one other judge and also serves as the "tie-breaker" vote, which it resolved over a dozen times. Reader voting therefore only really matters when two images are very, very close in score. All of the 1st place winners gleaned the bulk of their points from judges. There are also issues going on with which you are not aware that plays into our reasoning for doing this. Thank you for your post and consideration.

Setiady Wijaya (01.22.12, 1:20 PM): congrat for the winner

laura (01.22.12, 6:53 AM): Michael, I am looking forward to your competition for photos shot with mobile phones. But PLEASE drop the voting part. Choose the winner yourself or find judges to do that. Because the best photo should win, not the photographer who has most friends, blog followers, deviantart followers etc. Voted can be cheated, bought and there are many places on the net where you can exchange competition votes.

Gabriela Mester (01.22.12, 12:23 AM): Congratulations.